Friday, May 10, 2013

A forever love.

Today Sean and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage.  He is my friend, my lover, and my confidant.  He provides safety, encouragement, and strength while teaching me how to laugh and live in the moment.  I loved Sean before I even met him.  I yearned for his comfort and peace before I knew him.  I prayed for him before I even knew his name, so when I finally met him, I felt like I'd already lived a thousand lives with him.  Together we've created the family I always dreamed of.... where laughter heals, kisses are cherished, and there's never enough time together.  Because of him, I've learned to love myself, and with that peace, my love for him has become deeper than I ever imagined it could. Our journey together has been bumpy, adventurous, joyful, and even a little scary at times, but I know anything and everything is possible with my friend at my side.

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