Friday, June 6, 2014

An odd thing happened

We were sitting in our favorite restaurant as a family, giggling and eating chips and salsa when an odd thing happened. Sean looked at me and said "huh, did you say something?" "Um..... No," I replied, and then jokingly added, "do you just constantly hear me nagging you in your head?" "I guess I'm crazy then, cause I could have sworn you said you were cold," he chuckled. With those words, my reality shifted. I had just indeed been thinking that I was cold. Such a benign thought, but it was so muggy outside that the cool air conditioning felt chilly as we were settling in to our meal. I had not spoken those words though, just made a casual mental note. The scientific part of me tried to make sense of the situation. Had he noticed my body language? Had he felt the same chill and projected it on to me? What was the probability that he would have guessed what I was thinking if he had even been trying to guess? Maybe we've just been together so long that my behaviors have become predictable.As I rationalized in my mind, my heart swelled. My soul has found its love, its friendship, its protection, its compliment, and with him I've found comfort and joy and solace. I smiled and said "if you CAN really read my mind, what am I thinking now??" He gave me that mischievous grin and replied "we both know I can't say that in front of the kids." Two for two. So I guess its official. Our love has melded us into one, and I better watch what I think (Channing Tatum) cause apparently my thought aren't mine alone. :)