Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little less of me

It seems like this blog has been about me, me, and well a little more me lately. Yes, I HAVE been feeling a little introspective, but more importantly, I lost the SD card to my camera. I went to print out some pictures and left it in the machine at CVS. It was a sad day. Well, a new beauty came in the mail today (for about a quarter of the price that I paid for the first one. Thank you!!) So I guess you'll read a whole lot less about me and see a whole lot more of these random pictures of daily adorableness.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've been busy cleaning out my DVR... look at these little gems that I found...

It can be so challenging to grow and change and discover yourself within the boundaries of a relationship... to learn to trust and turn outside of yourself for strength and comfort. I love that emotions are universal and that a dance can take me back to a moment in time and remind me how much I've grown. Amazing.

When he did a head stand on her back, I got chills all over. Our soldiers are so courageous, but they stand on the strength, sacrifice, and prayers of their loved ones at home. I love the men and women that fight for our freedom, but I also have a profound respect for the families that give their loved ones for our cause.

So... I'm thinking this season of SYTYCD is going to be AMAZING!! Anybody else as obsessed as I am??

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am Quiet

I have learned how to quiet myself.... how to still the millions of thoughts and worries that race through my mind and to just let life wash over me. I have finally learned how to live in every moment without planning the next thing or running through my to-do list over and over in my mind.
Ever since our dramatic plane ride where my hubby decided to die for a few minutes, I have just been different. I knew the second that I saw his lifeless face that I would never be the same. I felt myself physically change. In that split second, I experienced a grief so deep that it consumed my future. It was torture; I wanted to step back in time just a few seconds to tell him I loved him, to look into his eyes and have him see me. I wanted time to stop. I didn't want another second to pass because I was terrified of what sorrow it held. I was paralysed yet acting outside of myself screaming for help and trying to revive him. I thank God that I didn't lose my love that day, and I am in awe that a single moment has changed me so profoundly.
I have been given the gift of peace through my experience. I now have a contentment that sits in my soul, and life is so much sweeter because of it. Yes, my dishes don't get washed every day, Sean still doesn't pick up his dirty socks, and the kids still leave their toys on the couch, but that's life. It's my life, and the dirty socks just mean that I have a hubby who wants to snuggle more than he wants to throw his clothes in the basket; we have dirty dishes because we have food to eat, and there are toys on the couch because we have two beautiful children who giggle and play and bring happiness into our home. I have learned to let go of my fears and to fill my mind with the gifts that I have been given. I have finally found peace and it didn't come in the way that I expected. It didn't come from a wise quote or someone mending emotional scars, it came from me realizing the depth of my love and allowing that love to guide my actions.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I am...

a woman
a mother
a sister
a dreamer
a cuddler

a reader
open minded
an advise giver
a movie critic

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been feeling so frumpy lately. I'm in this really weird, post-baby, almost thirty, awkwardly chunky around the midsection phase. I went through the same thing post-Drew, but it's not making it any easier. When I have a baby, I feel like I don't own my body anymore... like it's being rented out for 10 months. Then I don't recognize my body after birth, and then I fall into this sleep deprived semi conscious state where I can sadly say I get dressed and jump face first into my day without even glancing at a mirror.
Well, Genny threw me a life-vest and I'm no longer drowning in the river of frumpy-mama woe. I am now the proud owner of a chi, I have the haircut of my dreams, and I have a fancy new pedi. I feel like a new woman... a new woman that has rented out her body twice, is still working on her ever illusive abs of steel, is almost thirty, and can cook cornbread and green beans that taste just like grandma's. So maybe new isn't the best adjective, but I am a woman and I'm starting to look in the mirror again and the me looking back at me isn't so bad.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

House Guests

It's been busy here at Hotel Glouner. I love having house guests, so this week has been extra fun. We made a single-day road trip to Kentucky and back and got to spend time with every single one of our siblings!!!! Seriously, a little mini sibling reunion, and it has been the most fabulous week ever. We've watched movies, gone shopping, had pedis and hair makeovers, and unfortunately I didn't have my camera strapped to my face for much of it, but I do have a few pictures...

Genny and Ben's adorable new puppy, Buster

Maddi mid-haircut

Mama Ellen came over and gave Genny and I some good ole' Southern cookin' lessons. We learned how to make cornbread, chicken noodle soup, roast, green beans, chicken salad, fruit salad, and peach cobbler. Lets just say I finally feel like a real Southern woman.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Military Appreciation Concert

Last week was Military Appreciation Night at Concerts in the Park. I love that we live in a military community. I see men and women in uniform at the grocery store, at work, watching their kids at hockey practice, and when we're out to eat. I love the constant reminder that my freedom is not free. I know our soldiers spend months away from their wives and children. I know they miss holidays and first steps. I know some people think it's just a job, but it's a job that I don't have the courage to do, and I'm glad that my community celebrates their efforts.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Blog???

I love doing little crafty things for the nursery kids at church. Last Sunday I made a little city for the kids to play with, and I brought cars, trucks, trains, tractors, helicopters, and firetrucks. We learned how to share, and because our lesson was on obedience, we learned that we need to obey God not just at church but we need to choose the right everywhere we go. So, I'm thinking of making another blog about our nursery adventures with ideas for activities, crafts, and lessons. What do you think? Is it worth investing the time?

Monday, June 13, 2011

In the Park

It's summertime which means it's absolutely steamy outside and there are plenty of activities to help us enjoy the squelching heat.
We've spent Monday evening at the concerts in the park...

We also went to classic movies in the park. They showed Never Ending Story. The best 80's movie of all time. I loved every second of it!!

Our giant puppy is an inside puppy again. We love having him inside. I'm just hoping he doesn't eat any baseboards or bathroom doors this time. :/ Here are a few pictures of his chew toy... which although super cute, didn't last very long.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Drew has started learning how to play hockey. He asked me if he could learn, so I quickly found out that Huntsville has a thriving hockey program. I am so glad that he has found a hobby that he loves, and I look forward to watching him learn and excel. Here are a few pictures from his latest practice...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Lady

Maddi: "Mommy, guess what?"

Me: "What pumpkin?"

Maddi: "You my friend Mommy"

Me: speachless.

I feel so blessed to be a mother, to be entrusted with two beautiful, perfect little spirits to raise in love and respect. Every day, every word, every dirty dish and stinky sock... every moment is a gift.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A family shot

It's not often that we all make it into the same picture, so this one makes me extra happy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally fixed my computer, so be prepared for a barrage of pictures and oodles of catching up.

I guess the best place to start is my little brother's reception. We had a reception here in Alabama for all of our friends and family who couldn't travel the distance for the actual wedding. It was nice to celebrate such a special time in my brother's life. I absolutely love his bride. She brings such love and compassion to our family, and I pray that they can find the same friendship, joy, and confidence that I have found in my marriage.

And a few tips for a successful marriage for prosperity's sake...

A marriage is never 50%-50%. It is 100%, 100%. You must each be completely responsible for your choices.

Be friends first and lovers second.

Tell each other everything. Talk about the weather, talk about your trip to the grocery store, talk about your day at work, and then when you need to talk about things that are hard, it won't be hard at all.

Never fight dirty. Never call names, degrade, or physically hurt those that you love.

You can only control yourself, so instead of placing blame, try first improving yourself.

and finally.....

Before Sean and I were married, we established deal-breakers. We each have one deal-breaker. If we are ever placed in either of these situations, our marriage will end without hesitation; anything and everything else, we will work through. This established respect and security while eliminating the question of 'Can we make it through this?'

I know I'm not exactly a relationship guru... I've only been married 9 years, but I know I have something special and I live every day in a spirit of gratitude.