Wednesday, April 23, 2014

an embarrassing easter day

We went to church on Easter and then spent the rest of the day with Kevin & Jessica.  We had a nice dinner and a really fun egg hunt for the kids.  I also experienced one of my top ten all time most humiliating moments ever.  Get ready to be embarrassed for me....
The kids were finishing up the egg hunt, and I decided to have a seat on a lawn chair and watch the kids open their goodies.  I wander over toward the chair, smiled at the kids, and then gracefully began sitting down when I heard this terrifying ripping sound.  The next thing I know, I'm folded in half, my ankles are on either side of my face, my dress is up to my armpits, and my bum is basking in the sunlight.  I was so squished that I couldn't even force my lungs to expand enough to call out for help, I just whimpered, "Sug!" My husband casually turned around toward my little dilemma, and I could have sworn he almost laughed at me, but he loves me, so instead he pried me out of my karma sutra position with the chair, and asked me if I was ok. He even waited all the way until we were in the car before he laughed his face off.  Now that's true love.  And to my kids when they read this 10 years from now... I'm sorry I embarrass you with my clumsiness and occasional nudity.  I try to be a cool mom, but sometimes my awkwardness wins.  Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter egg hunt

Tomorrow is Easter!  Easter just happens to be my favorite holiday.  I know, kind of a weird favorite, but I love watching nature wake up and celebrating the amazing gift of our Savior's sacrifice.  This year I got a little carried away with the Easter baskets, but I don't think the kids will mind.  We got started early today with a birthday party for a friend and an Easter egg hunt, and then we'll go to church tomorrow and have another Easter egg hunt and dinner with family.  Here are a few pictures from egg hunt #1...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ice princess

Today has been so fun! Maddi is still obsessed with the movie frozen (and maybe I am a little too) so today after work and a quick trip to the library, we went to the fabric store together. We rummage through piles and piles of fabric until she found the perfect light blue, sparkly fabric that looked exactly like Elsa's cape.  Then we rushed home to sew, measure, and re-create the perfect princess cape. After we finished I took a moment to just sit and soak her in. So often I hop from task to task while life just slips past me, but today I just sat, perfectly content, and got swallowed up in the joy and innocence of my sweet little girl. I love that she sings with her whole heart, that she dances to share her joy, that she radiates confidence and contentment. She already has everything I dreamed of being able to give her. I see my strength and her daddy's humor when she smiles. I recognize her brother's compassion and God's perfect love in each hug. Days like today remind me that my calling of motherhood is sacred and it's not just about cooking dinner and cleaning underwear; it's about sharing giggles, building trust, and knowing the truest, purest kind of love.