Sunday, December 13, 2015



Fords Garage

We did some shopping, ate at Fords Garage, and made a gingerbread turkey. So fun!

Grandma's birthday

I'm so happy we got to spend another birthday with Grandma. I love everything about her and cherish the time I get to be with her. This year on her birthday we took a nice drive to Ava Maria, the casino, and our favorite restaurant for dinner. I hope she had as much fun as we did!

Day 2

Day 2 was spending time with grandma & grandpa, some quiet time on the beach, and sand castles

Road trip

Our FAVORITE time of the year! Visiting grandma & grandpa!! Day one was a long drive, a walk on the pier, and our favorite Naples goodies (macarons & gelato)

Baby cousin

We got to meet Miles and spend time with our sweet Genny. We love them both so much! We got hair cuts, shopped, walked through the Christmas lights at the botanical gardens, went to hockey practice, and even saw Santa. Maddi carried him around everywhere like a baby doll and I loved hearing Miles sing with Maddi in her toy microphone. I feel so blessed to meet him and squeeze him and am wishing him a happy FIRST birthday from far away.