Thursday, October 6, 2011

A reason to Smile

The mood has been pretty glum around here lately.  Drew had his tonsils and adnoids taken out last week and he's been in a lot of pain.  The added stress of keeping him hydrated, trying to find smooth, mushy things for him to eat, and trying to keep his pain under control while keeping up with my work and other mommy duties has blurred the edges of sanity.  When I feel like I want to lock myself in the closet and hide, I think of this precious little smile, and somehow all of the worry washes away.  I am a lucky lady.... on the busy days, on the overwhelming days, and on the peaceful days too.  I am a better person because I have looked into these perfect eyes and been warmed by her joy.

At 33 months Maddi:
loves princesses
loves to ride her bike with training wheels
loves to dress up with high heels, makeup, and jewelry
plays with cars, trucks, and babies
hands out compliments, "Oh mommy.  I love your orange shirt today!"
Asks every day if she can go to the waterpark or the zoo
dances whenever she hears music (at lunch yesterday she said "mom, I need to dance" then stood up in the middle of the restaurant and started shaking her bum to the mariachi music)
Loves to go on walks and hikes
loves animals and babies
wants to know everyone's name... people on TV, strangers at the library, people bagging our groceries.  Everyone has a name and she needs to know it.
Loves Mexican food and icecream
Is fascinated by trains and motorcycles
Is compassionate.  Drew had stitches on his chin last month and Maddi climbed up into the hospital bed with him when he started crying, held his hand, and whispered to him "it's ok brother. I take care of you."
I feel so blessed to know this little angel.  She completes our family, and gives me a reason to smile every single day.