Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monte Sano Mountain State Park

I took bridal pictures for my cousin at Monte Sano State Park this week. (I'll post those after the wedding cause I'd hate to ruin the reveal on her big day)  It was so gorgeous up there, and while we were waiting I just had to snap a few pictures of these precious kids.  I love ever single moment that I get to spend with these two.  I love that Maddi is obsessed with all things princess.  I love that Drew wants to ice skate every second of the day.  I love that we all love mexican food, watching movies, and hanging out in Barnes & Noble together.  I love that we sing in the car, eat lunch by the pool, and read stories at bedtime.  I really am the luckiest girl in the world.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We have five new little puppies! They came as quite a suprise. The mommy-daddy union occured while we were out of town, so we were rather awe-struck when our little lady dog had four beautiful little pups. Watching the birthing process was such a learning experience. We watched the birth, mommy pup eat the amniotic sac from around the babies, chew the little umbilical cords off, and then lick the little ones until they took their first breath. I know it sounds disgusting but it was such a miracle to witness. Here are a few pics of the precious little pups.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a TEN year old

My baby boy turned TEN this year. These precious years have flown by.
At age 10 Drew:
loves to play hockey
loves to ride his bike
hates Math
loves reading about animals
loves Science
has started collecting currency from foreign countries
loves his puppies
loves music
hates potatoes
is more courageous about trying new things
loves watching cop shows on TV
loves playing video games
was knife certified at scout camp & now carries his pocket knife around like a badge of honor
is kind, compassionate, and one of my best friends

I thank God every single day for choosing me to be Drew's mother.  Drew has taught me love, sacrafice, humility, joy, patience, humor, strength, and peace.  Happy birthday kiddo!