Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Sean won an award for being the top installer in him district. He installed over a million dollars in product this year! We went to a nice dinner and awards ceremony where he got to accept his award. I'm so proud of how hard he works for our family; his work is stressful and physically taxing but he goes every single day with out ever complaining. I admire his strength and commitment to provide for our children, and it was so nice to have his company recognize his efforts also.

Peppa Pig show

Dance class


Drew just can't get enough hockey so we went and watched our local hockey team play. They lost, but we still had fun!



Sometimes movies and a warm fire make the best nights.


Drew has been doing so well at hockey lately. He's on the Hampton cove middle school team, and they're ranked second in his division right now. He made a beautiful goal in the last game, and we were so happy for him!

Sick baby

Maddi was really sick a few weeks ago. We are so happy that she's finally healthy and giggly again.


We got to see the circus again this year and even met this guy up close and personal in the parking lot. It was the last year the circus is using elephants, so it was special to be able to see them one last time. 


Maddi played the part of Turkish delight in the Narnia play this year. She was amazing!

She's seven

Maddi had a party at a trampoline park for her seventh birthday. She had lots of friends and tons of fun!