Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WWII ceremony

I got to sing in a special community ceremony on D-day to honor WWII veterans. The kids came and held signs up as buses of veterans pulled up, we sang and listened to some speeches, and then everyone enjoyed a fly over at the end. The kids learned so much and left with such an appreciation for the men and women who sacrifice for our safety.

Farmers market

Drew is selling at the farmer's market again this year. We got to go help him a few weekends ago, and he gave Maddi the job of bag fetcher. She was so excited to help big brother!

Summer is over

Well I guess as of this week, summer is officially over and my favorite autumn is here. We had such a fun summer and as always I forgot to take pictures of most of it. We had dog snuggles, water balloon fights, pizza picnics in the park, and so many days at the pool. Drew got braces, became a teenager, and passed me in height. Maddi learned to swim and got the tiniest little pink stripe in her hair for finally sleeping in her own bed at night. Sean did another BBQ competition and had a birthday. I soaked up the sun at the pool and got to sing in a patriotic choir. It was a fun, easy summer, but I think the highlight for all of us was having grandma & grandpa come stay with us. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. We loved the conversations around the table, grandma's contagious laugh, card games at night, and I even got to work on a little family history with grandpa. Our home feels so happy when they're with us. I've learned so much from them, and I thank God every day for them. Now we're counting down the days till we see them again!


We went to Atlanta a few weeks ago. (I'm just now catching up on posts. ) It was nice to get away. We learned how they bottle coke, try sodas from around the world, and got to see the new dolphin show at the ATL aquarium. The show was  phenomenal, and Maddi is OBSESSED with dolphins so she loved every single second of it.

Horse riding

We had a girls only horse riding trip, and it was so fun! It was my sisters' first time, and I'm so glad I get to introduce them to amazing new experiences in life.

Botanical gardens

Field Trip

We had a pretty awesome field trip today. We went to the National Weather Service building and they gave us a tour of their building and answered all of our questions about their radars, warning systems, and all things weather. We got to see the radar and satellite images they use to forecast weather, how they issue warnings, what areas they're responsible for, what they do if bad weather hits their building, and how they produce our hourly and weekly forecast. It was so awesome. The kids asked amazing questions, and they were eager to help us learn.
The part that fascinated me most was when he said they discovered radars could see weather by accident while looking for planes during WWII. I always assumed they spent years working to create something that could help us predict weather, and I couldn't believe that instead it was something they just stumbled upon. I guess that's the way life is though; sometimes we just stumble into something beautiful and realize we were meant to be there all along.