Thursday, February 17, 2011


Drew had his first derby car race this week. He had so much fun making his car and won second place in overall looks. He's already making plans for next year's car. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Change

Well, my gym fetish has faded. The kids hated the daycare; the smell of sweat mixed with tanning oil and the sounds of metal clashing, grunting, panting, and the whistle of the treadmill began to drive me nuts. I still, however, crave the endorphins and yearn for that exhausted, powerful flood of emotions that come from a tired body and a clear mind. Today I found the perfect place to let my feet move and my mind roam. I was encouraged by a pleasant breeze, wheat bending to the earth before me, and tattered, dried blossoms twisting along my path. The birds sang overhead and the toads cheered me as I plodded along. With each step the tension left my body, and as I began to tire, my soul dripped clean in the cool, crisp air. I have found a new place to open my heart and to still my mind. So, even when I'm not running, my thoughts will still be here...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Randomness

Have I mentioned how much I love homeschooling? I love the freedom it gives us. Every experience becomes a learning opportunity. I've learned so much about Drew by teaching him. I've learned how his little brain works, how he learns, what he's interested in, what bores him to tears. Right now we're working on multiplication, weather, The Wizard of Oz, Heroes in Alabama History, Analogies, cursive, comparative and superlative words, computer skills, proofreading, and whatever else the day's experiences inspire.
Here's a new blog that a friends shared with me. I'm feeling all kinds of inspired today...

I've always been a saver. Secretly my goal has been to save more than I spent. I usually save about 25% mainly because I buy tons of fresh produce, and I can hardly ever find coupons for fresh fruits & veggies. Last week, though, I went to CVS for all of our essentials (detergent, deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.) but no food. I spent $39 and saved $47! Yep. I got $89 worth of groceries for $39!
The trick is to use coupons when things are already on sale or BOGO, use two coupons (manufacture + store) when possible, and when at CVS, do separate transactions if you need to. Ring up all of your items that have bonus bucks, get the receipt, and then immediately use the bonus bucks on the second transaction with all of the rest of the stuff.
Here are a few websites that I love. They go through all of the ads and attach links for coupons to the sale items. Can't get any easier than that right?

I'm reading Eat Pray Love right now. It's one of those incredible books that inspires you to change. I soak in each word; I scribble in the medians. This book has become a part of me.
The quote that's floating around in my heart this week...
"You must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart instead. That way, you will know God."

I have a tendency to want things to make sense. I analyze them, critique them, and seek perfection. This week I'm trying to love first and think second.

A puppy
Our puppy is inside again. He's been an inside / outside, more so outside dog just because he doesn't know his own strength. Now that he's inside again, it's like having another huge, slobbery child to clean up after. The kids are so happy though. I.... am happy they're happy.

The Basics
Maddi is learning colors, numbers, and ABCs. She is like a sponge, soaking up every little thing we do and say. She loves to sing and dance, loves to read stories about animals, and LOVES hockey. She is participating in the little learners program at the library right now. It just started last week, but I'm already in love. Little learning / play stations, parenting material for moms to read, crafts, singing, and little people to make friends with.... we go again today and we're both excited :)

A show
I usually watch TV to let my mind relax. I watch shows full of romance, humor, and a little bit of suspense, but nothing that would actually require me to really use my thinker. I clumsily fell upon a new show that has me thinking and creating and changing... all of the stuff I turn to my novels for. The show is called Oprah Presents Master Class, and it allows a person to tell their "life's lesson" by sharing experiences and stories from their past. The first one was Diane Sawyer. I found myself thinking, what could I possibly learn from her... a news anchor, a blond middle aged pretty face that recites lines from a teleprompter. I know; harsh right? Well, her words changed my entire purpose in teaching.
"I read once, which I loved so much, that this great physicist who won a Nobel Prize said that every day when he got home, his dad asked him not what he learned in school but his dad said, 'Did you ask any great questions today?' And I always thought, what a beautiful way to educate kids that we're excited by their questions, not by our answers and whether they can repeat our answers." — Diane Sawyer

So, I have been chastised. Everyone has a wisdom to share, but we have to be willing to receive it. I'm ready to learn, and I have a new favorite show.