Friday, February 28, 2014

Epcot Germany

We LOVED the German area of Epcot.  They had a caramel shop where they made caramel popcorn, caramel apples, and other goodies, and they were more amazing than I ever dreamed caramel could be.  I still crave them.  After our snacking, we had a delicious German dinner with a fun little stage show while we ate.  The inside of the restaurant was decorated like you were sitting in a courtyard surrounded by a little German village.  We ate (in a truly European style, sharing a table with strangers), Maddi danced on the dance floor, and I devoured dessert after dessert.  Before going to Disney, I kept worrying that we wouldn't enjoy the other parks as much as Magic Kingdom or that we'd have a tough time entertaining the kids at the other parks. I couldn't have been more wrong!  We absolutely loved every park, every day was magical, and Germany just happened to be one of our very favorite spots.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Epcot Norway

Before Norway, Sean and Maddi rode this super fast ride.  I was shocked that Maddi excitedly rode it, but Drew and I had fun looking at all of the cars on exhibit.

 The monorail became our transportation friend.  We quickly hopped from park to park on this little beauty.
 And here is Norway.  We rode a really fun water ride here, but didn't want to wait in the FOUR HOUR line to meet the princesses of Frozen.  Sean held Maddi up on his shoulders so she could peak in the window and see them.  She happily waved, blew them a kiss, and then we went on to meet some less popular princesses.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

epcot mexico

 We stopped in Epcot's Mexico area for some lunch, and I was surprised by how authentic the area was.  The music, the food, the colors, the tile work, and the way the little market was set up all made me feel like I had transported into the streets of the Yucatan Peninsula.  I can't vouch for the other areas, but based on how authentic the Mexico area was, I feel like I've walked a few steps through countries all over the world. 

 I love this goofy girl and that she has the personality to pose silly in pictures without any prompting.  Oh, and these sweet little treats saved us when it warmed up in the afternoons.