Thursday, February 13, 2014

dreams really do come true

We went to Disney!  I'm going to have to break it up into several, several posts because I took an insane amount of pictures.  But it was magical and beautiful and we enjoyed every single second of it.  Here is day one transit to Magic Kingdom.  The anticipation was palpable, and our little princess had a wardrobe change on the ferry ride over so that she'd be ready to enter Magic Kingdom.  (little ladies dressed like princesses are treated like royalty by all cast members).  We road a shuttle from our hotel to Epcot, the monorail to Magic Kingdom, and then a ferry boat across to the gates.  When we walked in the cast member who greeted us bowed and said "welcome your majesty." Maddi graciously bowed while smiling so big that it looked like it hurt.  We walked in and stood by the meticulous landscaping featuring a smiling Mickey to wait on the others to pass through, and I cried... just a little... happy tears of course.  I know it's cheesy and I'm usually emotionally callused, but dreams really do come true, and I was blessed to be there with the people I love most.

 The way she holds her daddy like she knows he will make everything right in the world completely melts my heart.  I feel so blessed that he's a father and a friend to my children.

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