Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a field trip

We learned about metamorphosis in school, so we took a little field trip to the butterfly house at the Botanical Gardens.  We got to see the actual process in action, and because we were the only people there, we also got to hold snakes and feed strawberries to the turtles.  On the way out we dug up worms, played in the water features, explored the gardens, and ran through the rain.  I loved hearing their giggles as the butterflies brushed their cheeks, seeing the amazement in their eyes as the turtles crossed the pond to nibble on their strawberries, and seeing their blessed abandonment as they ran for shelter during the surprise rain shower.  I love learning and growing with my kids and seeing the world through their exploration and wonder.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

summer job

My baby boy has a summer job.  I've resigned to the fact that I am now officially old, and instead I'm focusing on how proud I am of my hard working, self motivated, young man.  This summer Drew has been working on a farm.  He's been cutting grass, picking vegetables, and selling the vegetables at the local farmers' market.  He has learned so much, and has been given learning experiences and opportunities that I have always dreamed for him but couldn't give him on my own.  And he's doing all of this with confidence and determination all on his own!  Here are a few pictures I took when we went to help him cut down some rotten peach trees.  PS  Have I mentioned I'm proud of him??

Friday, August 16, 2013

Catching Up on Summer

I got a little behind this summer, but for good reason.  We've been busy with impromptu photo shoots,
 best friend wars,
 princess ballet camp,
 ice cream dates,
time with loved ones,

 meeting cousins,

celebrating birthdays,
 more hockey,
more birthdays and more time with family,




graduating from cub scouts to boy scouts,

add in a few drive in movies, a lot of giggles, and some lunch dates and we've had a pretty wonderful summer :)