Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Change

Well, my gym fetish has faded. The kids hated the daycare; the smell of sweat mixed with tanning oil and the sounds of metal clashing, grunting, panting, and the whistle of the treadmill began to drive me nuts. I still, however, crave the endorphins and yearn for that exhausted, powerful flood of emotions that come from a tired body and a clear mind. Today I found the perfect place to let my feet move and my mind roam. I was encouraged by a pleasant breeze, wheat bending to the earth before me, and tattered, dried blossoms twisting along my path. The birds sang overhead and the toads cheered me as I plodded along. With each step the tension left my body, and as I began to tire, my soul dripped clean in the cool, crisp air. I have found a new place to open my heart and to still my mind. So, even when I'm not running, my thoughts will still be here...

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