Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been feeling so frumpy lately. I'm in this really weird, post-baby, almost thirty, awkwardly chunky around the midsection phase. I went through the same thing post-Drew, but it's not making it any easier. When I have a baby, I feel like I don't own my body anymore... like it's being rented out for 10 months. Then I don't recognize my body after birth, and then I fall into this sleep deprived semi conscious state where I can sadly say I get dressed and jump face first into my day without even glancing at a mirror.
Well, Genny threw me a life-vest and I'm no longer drowning in the river of frumpy-mama woe. I am now the proud owner of a chi, I have the haircut of my dreams, and I have a fancy new pedi. I feel like a new woman... a new woman that has rented out her body twice, is still working on her ever illusive abs of steel, is almost thirty, and can cook cornbread and green beans that taste just like grandma's. So maybe new isn't the best adjective, but I am a woman and I'm starting to look in the mirror again and the me looking back at me isn't so bad.

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