Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally fixed my computer, so be prepared for a barrage of pictures and oodles of catching up.

I guess the best place to start is my little brother's reception. We had a reception here in Alabama for all of our friends and family who couldn't travel the distance for the actual wedding. It was nice to celebrate such a special time in my brother's life. I absolutely love his bride. She brings such love and compassion to our family, and I pray that they can find the same friendship, joy, and confidence that I have found in my marriage.

And a few tips for a successful marriage for prosperity's sake...

A marriage is never 50%-50%. It is 100%, 100%. You must each be completely responsible for your choices.

Be friends first and lovers second.

Tell each other everything. Talk about the weather, talk about your trip to the grocery store, talk about your day at work, and then when you need to talk about things that are hard, it won't be hard at all.

Never fight dirty. Never call names, degrade, or physically hurt those that you love.

You can only control yourself, so instead of placing blame, try first improving yourself.

and finally.....

Before Sean and I were married, we established deal-breakers. We each have one deal-breaker. If we are ever placed in either of these situations, our marriage will end without hesitation; anything and everything else, we will work through. This established respect and security while eliminating the question of 'Can we make it through this?'

I know I'm not exactly a relationship guru... I've only been married 9 years, but I know I have something special and I live every day in a spirit of gratitude.

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