Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend

 Maddi got her ears pierced a few weeks ago (upon her persistent request), and it was finally time for her to change out her earings.  While we were out of town this weekend, we did a little shopping.  While we were looking around, Sean told me he wanted to buy Maddi her first pair of real diamond studs.  My heart nearly exploded.  His is such an incredible father.  To me, it meant so much more than a pair of earings.  It is a father who is engaged in his daughter's life.  A father who gets excited about things that his daughter loves; a father who finds happiness in his childrens' happiness and enjoys spending his extra money on little suprises for them.  I am so happy for her that she gets to have such an honest, pure, and loving relationship with her dad.... and I'm extra lucky to be married to him. :)

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