Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The best week ever

We have had an amazing week.The weather has been icky, but grandma and grandpa came to visit, so I didn't mind lots of cozy time inside together. We watched movies, had a few cook outs, and celebrated a special birthday. As usual I get wrapped up in the moment and forget to get out the camera, so all I have is a borrowed picture of the birthday boy, but we had tons of fun even though there isn't any photographic evidence. :) I feel so blessed to have married into such an amazing, loving family. I cherish grandpa's kind words, his concern for each of us, and chatting about our favorite books and the latest things we've seen on antique roadshow. I love grocery shopping with grandma, listening to her wisdom in marriage, her stories of growing up on the farm, and having a friend to help with dish duty. I love these moments; I love that I have an example in marriage to look toward, and I feel so blessed to know their love in return. And as always, when they leave, I'll start counting the days til I get to see them again.

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