Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been changed. My life has forever changed. My love has been altered.

I have looked at the lifeless face of the man that I love and fought for him to return to me. Life seems to have slowed... I now appreciate every kiss, savour every word, bathe in every touch.

I really feel too overwhelmed to rehash all of the terrifying details of our weekend getaway, but in a few simple words, Sean's blood pressure bottomed out and he lost consciousness on an airplane. We had to turn the plane around and found ourselves stranded in a strange city and an unknown hospital praying for help and solace.

The single gift that I can take away from this trauma is a new appreciation for the power of prayer. I know I worship a God that loves me and knows me intimately enough to answer a prayer too terrifying for my mouth to utter, too overwhelming for my mind to think. My heart cried out and He answered me.

My life has changed. My appreciation has deepened. I am forever changed.


C said...

How terrifying! I hope things are looking up for you-I will keep you all in my prayers! Life is so fragile...

Clarissa said...

Oh my goodness, Amanda. I hope that Sean is doing better. Our prayers are with you guys.

Jessica said...

So glad that Sean is okay!! That must have been really scary! Love you girl, and glad you got to SLC safely!