Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Face First

This story begins like most others.... The lovely spring weather was finally here. Sean and I BOTH had a day off, and we went searching for some family fun. Burritt on the Mountain was having a Spring Celebration, so we decided to go check it out. We hopped out of the car and went inside to buy some tickets. While I waited in line, Sean and the kids walked around the gift shop. Maddi, politely crossing her arms so that her curious little fingers wouldn't touch anything, caught a glimpse of brother and went toddling over toward him. On her way toward him, she managed to trip and land on a series of shelves. Unfortunately, her face broke her fall. Daddy quickly scooped her up and I patiently waited while daddy cuddled her... until I saw blood. At that point I may or may not have yanked her out of his arms and ran out of the building to a place where I could inspect her from head to toe. Sadly, my mommy anxiety only got worse from there. I am usually cool as a cucumber, but when my babies are involved I go a little crazy. Let's just say that the long ordeal ended with me putting on a lead dress and climbing into a radiation emitting CT machine to try and calm down my strapped-down,terrified little lady. Yep... I am one of THOSE moms... those crazy, don't come between me and my baby, ferocious moms.

Well, our no good, terrible, very bad, sad day that began like any other is now over. Let's just hope that the rest of Spring brings us more fun and adventure and a little less distress.


Anonymous said...

Poor little darling!!!!

Cari said...

Cringing for her. Cringing for you. OUCH!