Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink Piggies

I have purchased four pairs of shoes for Maddi. Why, you might ask, does an 8 month old need four pairs of shoes when she can't even walk yet? Well... aside from the obvious fact that every girl needs AT LEAST one pair of sandals, a pair of Sunday shoes, and then both a brown and a black pair of everyday shoes, I was trying to find a pair that she would wear longer than five seconds! I have tried everything just short of duck taping them to her feet, but she is much more interested in eating them or chunking them across the room than in being a fashionista. So, today I painted Maddi's toes hot pink in hopes that they'd look cute even though they were always naked. It must have tickled 'cause she was squirming and giggling, and I ended up making a huge mess, but it was so worth it because she looks PRECIOUS :)


Cari said...

Adorable! I so need to do this with E.

Beth said...

Cute! Until Addie was about 18 months, I painted her toes and clipped her nails while she slept. Works wonderfully!