Wednesday, September 23, 2009

face vs fire

Sean was busy working Saturday night trying to clean up after they had closed. He had a long to-do list because he was trying to get things ready to go to the Big Spring Jam this weekend. He started by cleaning the huge smoker. After he was done, he decided to light it so the water would evaporate and the grill wouldn't rust. He lit the propane and then went on to complete a few other tasks. When he came back and opened the doors to check on the grill, it blew up in his face. His face and arms are pretty icky (the picture just doesn't relay the gruesomeness). The skin bubbled up immediately and has started to sluff off in a few spots. On a brighter note, I think most people have to pay a plastic surgeon for laser treatments to remove the top layer/wrinkles from their skin, and at least he still has eyebrows.... the eyelashes and arm hair weren't so lucky.

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Becki said...

I'm sorry! That sounds so painful! Hope you feel better soon.