Thursday, May 14, 2009

Field Trips, Picnics, Baths, and Brothers

This post is a hodge podge of events, but we've had a busy week with family visiting and the school year coming to an end.
Drew's class picnic was yesterday. We got to go eat lunch with him and then play outside for a few hours. I'm burnt to a crisp, but we had fun spending the day with Drew and his classmates.

Drew had a field trip to the library and then to kids space. Uncle Greg was here visiting, so he got to go with us. It was pretty chilly, so we left a little early, but it was still fun.

Ben came to visit, and we got to celebrate his birthday while he was here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO BOO!

Maddi loves bath time now. She plays and splashes and giggles. It's precious. Unfortunetly she also has a dirty little habbit of peeing on me while I run her bath water. :( So it quickly becomes bath/mommy changes clothes/sterilize the counter tops/mop the floor time. One of these days I'll learn to coordinate the whole bath prep/getting supplies/diaper off process, but apparently it takes a little practice.

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