Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy Mothers Day.
By. Drew.
Pictrers By. Drew Glouner.

for my mom. 5-10-09

This is my momy
She is butful.

My mom is a good cook
She makes me makrroney.

My mom's fafrat food mieal is saled.

My mom's fafret thing to do is play with me and madey.

My mom play's uno with me.

My mom tot me to hold my sister.

My mom's favret coler is pink.

When I go to bed at night my mom tukes me in.

My mom likes to rest.

My mom is the best becuse she loves me and madey.

The best gift to my mom is a ciss.

Dear mom,
I love you mom.
Love, Drew


Cari said...

Adorable! My favorite is the makrroney' and 'my mom likes to rest'. Don't we all!! Ha!

Sandy said...

That was the best gift, brought tears to my eyes. That Drew is a special boy, he loves his moma!!!