Friday, July 24, 2009

The Thief

To anyone who has ever met cancer... who has called it by a name and looked into its eyes every day. To anyone who's hope has been stolen and to those who continue to fight for ownership of their body again... here is a BEAUTIFUL dance. It's amazing how the graceful movement of a body can bring back a flood of memories. As I watched her jump on to his back, I immediately felt the weight of the world on my shoulders again, I smelled the Pine-sol from cleaning their kitchen and felt the hundreds of pills that I sorted each week in my hands. I heard the muted voices and ruffling of magazine pages as we sat in countless doctors' offices. I remembered sweeping piles of fallen hair from the floor and listening to vows of beating this one day. Oddly, I think that occasionally we have to go back so that we're able to move forward, and I'm grateful that this dance was able to take me on that journey.


Cari said...

I loved this one too. Definitely a tearjerker.

Sarah said...

The link didnt work. But I saw the dance last night on TV. Well it didnt work for me. It might have worked for other people.

Sandy said...

I read your blog to Vera last night before she left to go to Germany. She is having a hard time, as I am sure you can relate. Beautiful post Amanda!