Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fish and Lemons

Maddi LOVES lemons!!

The kids fed the fish at the park. There were bazillions of them & they were HUGE... I guess that's what happens when they eat bread, popcorn, pizza, and anything else that gets thrown in the water .

It's only been a few days since I've posted, but it seems like so much has happened. We're slowly adjusting to Sean's new work schedule. It's been hard trying to find time to work around his schedule, so I've just given up on trying to go to the Civic Center during the day and have dedicated my days to being with the kids and working at home on the Internet; then I take the kids to the civic center every night to work. It's been hard taking them EVERY night, but I have really enjoyed being with them all day, and I've actually had time to do things like clean my entire house, catch up on laundry, clean the fish tank, clean out a few closets, move some furniture around, and wrangle myself into some sort of a schedule with the kids playtime/mealtime/study time. Despite my ample time to perfect my homemaking skills, it's been hard having Sean gone about 12 hours a day. He's my absolute best friend and I just miss him when he's gone, but we try and go visit him at least once a day and then we spend ALL day together Sunday and Monday which I have REALLY enjoyed. It's been a long time since we've had two consecutive days together as a family and I'm already spoiled by it :)
Maddi is seven months old already. I can't believe it!! I just keep staring at her and wondering how she grew up so quickly. I am totally and completely in love with this time in my life though. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again, I don't feel overwhelmed at all taking both kids out anymore, Maddi is happy and fun and expressive now, Drew is an incredible helper and an even better snuggle buddy, and we've finally settled into a routine together. Maddi has started crawling (backwards of course) and pulls up on me from a sitting to standing position. It seems like she's doing things so much faster than Drew did, but I got out his baby calender from the pre-blog era and she's on about the same time line as him. I'm just glad that I'm able to capture all of these sweet moments and share them with those that we love.


Sandy said...

She likes pickles and lemons?! Wow, she has quite the taste buds.:-)
I hate that Sean has to be gone so much though. Where does he set up the food. I would like to go and get some. Janice bought some this past weekend and she said it was so good. Also, do you know if the Civic Center is hiring. Rob is looking for a job while in School. Thanks!

Sandy said...

Thank you for all of the info!

Becki said...

Pickles and lemons...so funny! I had a bowl of lemons at my house today, I should have offered her one! :) Anyway, I posted some pics on my photoblog for you. I'll get you a CD on Sunday! Thanks again, and enjoy those pickles. :)