Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teeny Bikini

We took a trip to Atlanta this weekend to visit Sean's brother. It was Maddi's first trip to Atlanta (unless you count the time she was in my tummy), and although it was a super short trip, it was nice to just get away from the monotony of our lives for a few days. The kids did so well on the way down there and Sean and I talked and laughed the entire way. While we were there Maddi got to go swimming for the first time, we ate at Dave and Busters (like an adult Chuckie Cheese and it was soooo fun), and went to the Outlet Mall in Columbus, GA. We had so much fun together, and it's little getaways like this that make all of the hard work worthwhile.


Beth said...

I love weekend getaways! Looks like fun!

Becki said...

how fun! Madi looks so cute in her little swimsiut!

Charlotte said...

So cute! I love babies in the pool! I love the way they wiggle and splash...cute!