Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned SEVEN on Tuesday! SEVEN!! It seems like I was just cradling him in my arms.
Drew had a party at kids space. We had lots of friends and family there to celebrate, so he had a great time.
I took the kids to the doctor for their check ups. They are both healthy and growing perfectly. Drew is in the 75th percentile in both his height and weight, and Maddi was in the 90th percentile in her weight and the 95th in her height. Looks like they're both going to be tall like Daddy.
Drew at age 7
loves to read
loves to be outside
loves animals & wants to be a vet or a policeman
loves to run & ride bikes
adores his little sister
is polite & kind & compassionate
is afraid of the dark
loves to play wii
loves music & all instruments
loves to paint
favorite food is yellow rice & chicken
tells us he loves us a million times a day :)
Maddi at 6 months
says dad and dada
loves to eat real food & says mmm..mmm 'til I give her a taste of my food
loves to make noise & bounce around
doesn't like sleeping
sits up by herself
laughs & smiles all of the time
is a social butterfly, the more people & noise, the better
grabs for everything & sticks it straight in her mouth
loves being outside
favorite food is blueberries & guava
hates shoes
loves animals
sneezes all the time
adores her big brother

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Clarissa and Matt said...

Happy Birthday, Drew! I can't believe he's 7 either! That's crazy!