Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warm fires and Snuggly babies

Another week has come and gone with nothing spectacular to write about.
We did get to go to church together as a family. We weren't able to go for a while because I was on bed rest and then Maddi was too small, so it was nice to finally go again.
Drew went to the dentist and got sealants put on his molars. He really doesn't like going to the dentist, and his mouth is so small that they cut his little lips trying to get to his back teeth. Poor kid! So, I surprised him by going to K B Toys after he was done and together we raided their close-out sale. He got 2 four wheelers, a monster truck, a motorcycle, and an army gun all for less than $10.00!! He said it was like Christmas time again. lol. I started going a little crazy and grabbing things for Maddi to "grow into" since they were like 80% off, but as I was walking to check out, I looked down and realized the doll I was carrying was bigger than she was! So, needless to say, I put the toys back..there will be plenty more sells and I just can't handle having clutter sitting around waiting to be used.
We have really enjoyed the cold weather lately. Sean makes a fire every night. I love the sound of the crackling fire and the smell of the burning wood; it's so nice to end the day relaxing together and enjoying its warmth.
Maddi is 29 days old now! She went to the doctor yesterday, and she weighs 8 lbs. She gained exactly one ounce a day...absolutely perfect. She already has her own little personality and can be quite temperamental if she doesn't get he way. Drew was always so calm and easy-going...I'm just not sure what to do with this moody little girl and have had several of those days where I wonder what I've gotten myself into. I just never seem to have enough time, money, or energy, but I guess those are just the woes of motherhood. Thankfully, the woes aren't quite so woeful when I'm snuggled up with my babies by the fire.

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The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan said...

I love a good old fashioned fire place! Sweet family! Glad to hear Maddi is gaining! That is really exciting! Good luck and keep up the good work!