Saturday, September 27, 2008

River Rocks & Wet Dogs

This week we went to Ditto Landing for a few hours of family fun. The weather was beautiful, and we just strolled along the riverbank listening to the water and watching the boats make waves. Our puppy loves the water (yes he's only a puppy...he's just monstrously large), so we let him jump in and swim around for a while. After we were done with our walk, we went to the bait shop and got some ice cream sandwiches. From there we could see the boat docks, and Drew enjoyed watching the big machines carry the boats out of the warehouse and set them into the water. What a fun, relaxing day!

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Becki said...

That sounds so nice. Where is Ditto landing? I'm always looking for fun places to take the boys. BTW your little belly is looking so cute!