Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Average Day

Well, lately my mornings have started about 3AM when Madison begins her break-dancing routine in my belly....and she doesn't seem to stop til about 10pm...kinda sweet to feel her ALL day, but kind of annoying and painful at the same time. After that, I do ironing & laundry & then wake Drew up for school. I help him get ready & make breakfast & lunch for him & then Sean takes him to school while I hop in the shower & get ready for work. After work, I pick Drew up from school, we go to job #2 together, swing by and see Sean while we're in town, and then hit the grocery store on the way home. Next comes homework, outside play time, then dinner, bath, story, & bedtime. After Drew is asleep, I usually do a load of dishes or some other random chore & then hop into bed (completely exhausted by this point) and work online until Sean gets home. Well, needless to say we have quite the routine that we follow every day, but this week Sean broke the mold when he came home with a few little surprises....roses & Krispy Kreme...what more can a girl ask for?

I feel like as hard as I work, things never get done...the house is always messy, the laundry is never done, I'm always tired and know how it goes, but this week, amongst the chaos, I was able to stop & realize how lucky I am to have a sweet hubby that loves me and an amazing son that truly is a gift from God. Our life may not be perfect, but we love each other and get to enjoy the rest of eternity together....and that is all of the perfection I need.

Outside of out normalness, we attempted to make brownies (we ran out of cocoa & tried to substitute Nesquick were so gross!), we rented a few movies (Nim's Island was precious, but Speed Racer was weird & confusing), and I read a few books (Amy Tan is an AMAZING author, and I also read Jenny McCarthy's pregnancy book which was hilarious!) We also played dress up with some old Halloween costumes, had a few doctors appointments (Sean had an MRI and some blood work done 'cause he has some weird swelling under his arms but no results yet), and had another ultra sound just to make sure Madison was still doing well (they said she looks perfect). So there's our week...crazy-busy and perfect in its imperfections.


The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan said...

What a day- I was exhausted just reading about it. :) I don't get all the laundry and chores done and I really have no excuses! You are amazing and I am so proud of you! Glad to hear things are still going well with the baby- I bet your mom is so excited! You sure look beautiful- it was funny that you said you just can't look good pregnant and I see you and think you could totally be a "runway mommy" :) You're wonderful! Keep a stiff upper lip! :)

Us! said...

I love this blog! You are so sweet. It is so nice to read about your ins and outs of the day. We're all going through them somehow. It's a beautiful life, right?

Come check out our blog, too! It could be updated more, that's my fault.. but it's still fun!! :)

Sure love you! Tell your little family hello! I'm excited to meet Madison! :)

Brandie Lyon said...

Welcome to motherhood.