Saturday, September 6, 2008

A change of plans

Another week has come and gone and brought with it so many unexpected changes.
I have officially crossed over into the world of spandex topped pants and big bellied shirts. As if pregnant women don't feel awkward enough, we're forced to wear ridiculous looking clothing. I have just resigned to the fact that there's no way to look or feel sexy in maternity wear. So, I will just suck it up & look funky for the next 16 weeks.
I found out the day before classes started that I wouldn't be able to attend this semester. They wouldn't let me take any labs since I'm preggers, and its kind of hard to find a chem class or a bio class without a lab. I did find one, but my academic scholarship requires that I go full time; one class just wouldn't cut it, so no school for me. :( I was really bummed at first, but I've found a part time job in admin at the VBC to keep me busy while Drew is in school. I work there during the day, go pick Drew up from school, and then work from home on the Internet 'til Sean gets home. Oddly enough I've actually started to feel better despite the chaos. I guess making myself get out of bed, put on make up, and go socialize with the world makes me forget about feeling like a sick, bloated whale...and earning the extra money is always nice. :)
We went to the concert in the park on Monday. They had fireworks for Labor Day and some groovy music. We took our dog and some lawn chairs, and Drew skated around on his heelys while we enjoyed a night of music and people of our favorite past times.
Drew is finally learning how to play the piano. I have tried several times to teach him, and he just hasn't seemed very interested. He loves playing, but would rather compose his own songs rather than be confined to the notes someone else has written for him. Today, however, was a different story. He went through the first four lessons in about ten minutes and ended with big smiles & high fives instead of whines, pouting, and protests. He has also been doing really well in school; he even made a 100 on his very first spelling test! We are so proud of him!
So, this week has been quite eventful...full of accomplishments, surprises, and the occasional moment to relax & enjoy each other. Hopefully next week will be just as exciting.


Clarissa said...

Ah, that stinks about your classes but maybe you'll have a little extra time to relax before baby number 2 comes!

C said...

I love your comments, and I definitely think getting up, dressed and out of the house keeps you at least preoccupied, if not feeling better about things. How old is your little boy? He's in school already? That park in your pictures--what is it's name? My grandma used to take us there when we were kids, but I don't know where it is or what it's called! haha. Small world. Spandex-topped pants, I've been wearing them for oh, 6 weeks at least. Since I stopped being able to button my pants for work anyway :op It's such a blast...which hospital are you delivering in?

Brandie Lyon said...

The pregnancy clothes now days are way cute. I look at the clothes I wore with Garrett and Dallin and feel sorry for myself.