Monday, October 6, 2008

Festivals, Playgrounds, and Waffles

It seems like the days are just blowing by. We have SO much to do to get ready for Miss Madison (convert the office into a nursery, set up the crib, buy all of the baby necessities.) I have really been putting it all off; I just need a bit more time and a lot more energy. Despite the long baby-to-do-list, we have had an amazing week! We went to Drew's fall festival at school. The games were kind of cheesy, but Drew won a prize at mini golf, made a valiant attempt at knocking the teacher into the bucket of water, and used all of our spare change to vote on his class's pumpkin.
After the festival, Drew came with me and we worked a few hours at the Big Spring Jam. Sean worked the WZYP stage this year and worked 96 hours in five days. He was exhausted but had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed going for a few hours on Saturday to walk around and have some dinner with him.
The rest of the week was filled with the normal routine until Drew surprised us with his amazing culinary skills! He decided (without even being asked) to make the family breakfast. He woke us up and guided us to a table set with warm ego waffles and microwave bacon. I couldn't decide whether to cry or squeeze him to death! He is such a cool kid.
To wrap up the week, we went to a birthday party at a cool new glow-in-the-dark mini golf place. It was so awesome! Drew had a great time, and I am so glad that he's been able to make such wonderful friends.
This week is fall break, so hopefully it will be full of days in PJs and lounging around...doubtful, but a girl can dream :)

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Brittany & Noah said...

Nooo, Amanda Not Waffles...

"Your Eggo is Preggo..."

lol sorry that's one of my favorite quotes :D