Monday, December 8, 2014

Solomons Castle

We went to visit Grandma & Grandpa as usual for Thanksgiving.  While we were there, they took us to visit Solomon's castle.  On the way we passed tons of citrus groves which were pretty awesome to see.  I had no idea how HUGE they were, and can only imagine what it takes to harvest all of the gorgeous fruit.  When we got to Solomon's castle, we were excited to find an entire property made of re-purposed materials.  We enjoyed a hilarious tour of the property, ( I liked seeing the artists personal living space the best.  There's something about seeing someone's sofa and kitchen sink that makes you feel like old friends.)  and then we had lunch in a hand-made boat that was also on the property.  I also loved all of the stain glass windows, the way he manipulated the light throughout his home, and his "picture" window.  Maddi's favorite part was the feisty little cat that wondered the property, and the boys liked the "plain" wall and all of the gadgets made out of recycled car parts.  It was quite the eclectic adventure.

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