Saturday, December 27, 2014

she's six

I can't believe it, but our baby is six already.  I thought I'd mark the day with a Q&A session with answers given by the six year old herself:
Favorite color: rainbow and light blue
Favorite food: bacon and eggs and pancakes
Favorite ice cream: chocolate, reeses, birthday cake with chocolate chips
Favorite book: Frozen
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite song: Let it Go from Frozen and anything by Katy Perry
Favorite thing to do: play with my whole family
Favorite restaurant: Showgun and Rosies
Favorite animal: zebra elephant and giraffe
Favorite place to go: Disney world
Favorite vacation: Disney world
What are you scared of: the dark just a little but
What makes you happy: my whole family
What do you want to learn to do: put makeup on other people
Somewhere new you want to go: Elsa's castle
Favorite cartoon: Sponge bob
Favorite car: Bugatti Veron
Favorite fruit: grapes watermelon cantaloupe apples bananas cherries
Favorite vegetable: carrots
A food you hate: peas and green beans
Favorite video game: Subway Surfers and Temple Run

This little lady is articulate, knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like, but is never scared to try something new.  She loves with her whole heart, has a contagious belly laugh, and tries her hardest at everything she does.  She loves to learn, loves to talk, and is always the life of the party.  She loves food, loves board games, and loves reading books.  She's always up for an adventure, constantly wears a smile, and has better fashion sense than me.  I love this little girl, and I'm so truly blessed to me able to call her mine.

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