Monday, December 15, 2014


It was still a little chilly for the beach, so we went to town to find a little something to do.  We ended up by Tin City and found a Put Put Golf place.  The kids loved it.  I got the first hole-in-one, Sean won, Drew kept mistaking his golf ball for a hockey puck, and Maddi played her own version of  golf that involved, hands, rebounds, & lots of giggles.  We had fun, and all ended up getting holes-in-one before the game was over.  On our way home we went by Oaks (my FAVORITE farmers market) and loaded up on gluten free goodies.  
And while I have food on the mind, we found the best french patisserie called La Macaron.  We tried coconut chocolate chip gelato imported from the owners' hometown in France, and it was better than any gelato I've ever tried.  In fact I usually hate gelato.  I'd rather go without than eat the weird icy flavorless junk I've tried before, but this stuff was flavorful, creamy, not too sweet, just amazing. We also tried several flavors of macarons.  I've always been scared to try macarons.  They look like fancy little nuggets that are way to beautiful to actually taste good, but I read somewhere that they were gluten free & I've been craving pastries since I haven't had any for years so I decided to be a little risky with my taste buds.  These macarons... I just don't have words.  They were the best thing I've ever tasted.  Fluffy, chewy, flavorful, filled with this incredible creamy deliciousness.  I'm seriously obsesses with them.  I can't stop thinking about them.  I even discovered that Whole Foods sells them, and immediately went across town to fetch them, but they don't even compare.  They were actually kind of gross, so I'll just dream about La Macaron until I visit Naples again.  

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