Friday, March 7, 2014

that african beat

There's something mesmerizing about that steady broad beat of an African drum, and the kids loved taking their turn and finding their own rhythm.  After exploring Africa, we went back to the center of the park to the tree of life.  It is a huge tree with animals carved in it, and the pictures really don't do it justice because it's so big that they even have a theater inside of it.  Drew loved the bug show inside of the tree, but Maddi was terrified.  (This park had her terrified more than once)  In this 4D movie, bugs spit at you, stung you, crawled under your seat, and even fell from the ceiling.  Drew was in awe, and Maddi hated every second of it.  But Drew did stand in line after line so Maddi could see princess after princess, so I didn't feel it was too unjust, and I just cradled her until it was over.

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