Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rained out

 Of all the things on our to do list for Disney, the Fantasmic show is the only thing we didn't get to do.  We got rained out.  Not just a little sprinkle of a rain out, but a torrential down pour of a rain out.  Our much wiser and more experienced grandparents left us for the safety of the hotel room while we snuck in a few more rides and braved the weather, but our night ended in a chain of bus, ferry, and marta rides where we managed to stay pretty dry by taking a somewhat obscure route back and covering up in our ponchos that I bought and carried around the entire time in our backpack just in case.  You know me, always prepared for anything :)  Running through the rain from bus stop to bus stop was definitely an adventure we'll never forget. After all of our soggy fun, we had a nice dinner at the hotel thanks to the food Grandma brought and stocked the kitchen with, and enjoyed a little time together before crashing in bed after an exhausting four day marathon of fun.  I'm so glad we got this picture of all of us on the last day.  I wish we would have taken a bunch more together, but I will always cherish this one.

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