Monday, March 10, 2014

Dinoland and a musical

Dinoland wasn't really a hit with our family.  We rode one ride and it was pretty rough, so we made a quick exit and headed for Finding Nemo The Musical.  I wondered how they'd do a musical with the characters being fish... I expected them to have flashy costumes or little fishy face masks, so we were completely suppressed when the curtain opened to see a man standing there with a fish puppet.  At first it was distracting.  I didn't know whether to focus on the man standing there singing or the puppet he was swishing through the air, but as the show progressed, I became transfixed on watching them both interact.  They played off of one another, and became a character together.  I really, really enjoyed it... so much that I forgot to take pictures past the opening screen.  Oops! :)

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