Saturday, March 15, 2014

Disney Junior at Hollywood Studios

This area was really neat.  I wondered how they would do shows with characters that were suppose to be children.  Princess Sofia was the only one to have a mask on and not talk (Maddi later informed me that Sofia was the only princess she met that wasn't real; she was wearing a costume.  I guess the rest of them seemed so real because they interacted with her... Tinker Bell talked about pixie hollow, Belle asked her what books she liked, Ariel talked about her Mermaid friends, but Sofia just stared at her and pointed to the Sofia shirt Maddi was wearing) Then we went to see the Disney Junior show that ended up being an interactive puppet show with Doc McStuffins, Sofia, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  All of Maddi's morning cartoon favorites!  Her favorite part of the show was during the Sofia portion when Cedric had them all raise their hands and caste a spell to make it snow.  As soon as they finished the chant, snow started pouring from the sky.  It really was magical. Next we went to see the Mermaid Show, and we all loved it!  They had actors, clips from the original movie playing behind them, puppets, but our absolute favorite part was when the show started and we went underwater.  Mist poured down on us and lights reflected off of the mist making it look like swirling oceans above us.  It was completely captivating.

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