Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maddi is FOUR

My little lady turned FOUR this week, and we were in Florida to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa!  She had pink princess party hats, a birthday ribbon, and a gorgeous Little Mermaid cake. 

This sweet girl makes every day an adventure, and here are a few things that I never want to forget... Maddi loves princesses, dressing up, make up, nail polish, and jewelry. She plays with dolls, bikes, pretends to be Doc McStuffins, and sneaks into brother's room to play with his trucks when he's not looking. She loves the princess stories and can recite them word for word including each and every song and every obscure character's name. Her favorite princesses are Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle. She is compassionate and has a tender heart for any one that is sad or hurting, but she is also quick to giggle and loves to be silly. She loves helping and being involved in everything anyone else is doing; she also loves her ballet class and doing her school work. She can spell her name, mom, dad, and Drew, and can sound out small words. She knows her alphabet and they're respective sounds, her numbers, and occasionally gives a random command in Spanish (thanks Dora) She loves to dance and thinks its hilarious when we sing loud then soft or exchange the words in songs. Her favorite songs are You are My Sunshine, Part of Your World, Nephi's Courage, Rudolph, and Skidamerinkydinkydoo. She loves all carbs, ice cream with sprinkles, cantaloupe, corn, and chocolate milk. She loves animals, reading books, playing in water, and constantly asks what time it is. She is curious, has no fear, and will try anything as long as mommy or daddy are within sight. I love her snuggles, her kisses, and listening to her giggle in her sleep. I love her mercurial moods, her unconditional love, and her tiny little voice. I am so blessed to spend my life with this beautiful girl, and will cherish every moment, every smile, every wink, every why mommy, every snuggle.  She is my purpose, my strength, and my love.

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