Monday, January 28, 2013

A Year of Kindness

I'm turning 30 this year. At first thought I found it kind of depressing.  I am completely, absolutely, madly in love with my life, but it is much MUCH different than the life I imagined. I spent years with my nose in textbook determined to solve the world's biological mysteries. I wanted to live a life of service, dedicating my time and energy to helping others. I wanted to be challenged to be better and to learn more each day.  Being a mom definetely fufills those needs; it has its challenges, constantly requires me to learn knew things, and allows me to spend every moment in humble service, but sometimes I feel like I become so focused on raising two little munchkins that I become blind to the needs of others. So, in attempt to reach outside of myself and to show gratitude for the beautiful life I live, I am doing 30 random acts of kindness this year to celebrate the transition that awaits me. Some acts are small, some will take time, some are for loved ones, even more are for strangers, but hopefully all of them will make me stronger, more compassionate, and help me travel gracefully into a new decade.

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