Sunday, May 27, 2012

Michael's Bama Reception

My brother had another reception here in Alabama to celebrate with all of his friends that couldn't make the trek out west for the big day. I loved celebrating (again) with him. I love seeing him happy and in love. I love the way he looks at his bride, and the way his face softens when their eyes meet. I absolutely, completely love Rachel's family; they are kind and loving and compassionate and even a little silly....everything I could ever want for my brother. My brother isn't just a brother, he is my closest friend, my confidant, my sanity, and my cheerleader. He has strengthened me when I felt heartbroken; he has laughed with me in the face of irony and defeat. He has humbled me and encouraged me. We think the same way and feel the same way, and I've always found comfort in knowing that he is always a part of me. I have spent so many years holding a constant prayer in my heart that my brother would find someone to love him the way he deserved to be loved... I wanted so badly for him to know the love and joy that I have found in having my own family. Rachel gives him everything that I prayed for, and the happiness I feel for him is overwhelming. Congrats (again) to my friend and his beautiful bride. I hope you can always find love, peace, and adventure in your commitment to one another.

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