Monday, April 9, 2012


The first cruise destination on our journey was Jamaica. After being at sea for two whole days, it was somewhat surreal to look out of the window and see little islands emerging from an eternity of water. We stopped by the 9th deck on our way up to breakfast, and when I stepped outside, the beauty of the Jamaican islands stole my breath. The dark green, lush mountains stood like pillars stretching out of the turquoise sea. The beaches lined the busy little town streets, and the clear blue skies paled in comparison to the crystal clear waters. It was everything I dreamed an exotic island would be.
After breakfast, we decided to venture out into our first foreign country (well a first for me and the kids at least.) Our greeting was less than pleasant. We stepped off of the boat only to become part of a mass of confused tourists trapped at port by a huge, unfriendly fenced wall.... not exactly the greeting I expected from such a beautiful city.
I guess I pictured it as it is in the movies when they greet you with flowered leis, excited to share their beautiful land with you. Jamaica was less than cordial; It was filled with vibrant colors, crazy cab drivers, drug selling thugs, and aggressive salesman all backed by a breathtaking scenery. I could feel the niativity being swept from my mind with every step we took into the unknown. I feel so privileged to be able to explore this beautiful and diverse world that was created for us, and I feel so blessed to experience it with the ones I love most at my side.

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