Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Countryside of the Yukaton Peninsula

I expected our bus ride to be a nice little time to nap before our big hike, but when the clostraphobia hit and I opened up the shades, I was overcome with humility. I had never seen such poverty paired with such contentment. I saw homes without walls, children playing with old tires standing barefoot and naked on piles of rubble with smiles on their faces. I saw women cooking on open fires in front of their homes and men cutting their yards with machettes. I felt so overwhelmed by the bounty that I take for granted every moment of every day, and I saw such beauty in the simplisity and joy of these strong and focused people.  I felt so uncomfortable as armed militia escorted our bus through the cities, but it wasn't just a physical turmoil, my moral compass had shifted under the gravity of what I saw.  My life, my thoughts, my comparitive core will never be the same.

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