Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'll Miss Today Someday

I just haven't been able to get it together lately.  There's always more work to do, more dishes to clean, piles of laundry, dirty floors, messy car seats, bedding to change, things to teach, books to read, patches to sew, meals to make, bills to pay, and every moments adds something new to the list.  Last night, when my mind woke me up around 3AM to remind me of all of the things that weren't getting done while I was sleeping, I realized that I will miss this to do list one day.  I will miss the chocolate hand prints on the door frames and the juice spills under the table.  I will miss bath time with extra bubbles and the sponge bob theme song playing in the background.  One day I will miss kisses from peanut butter covered lips and melt downs before nap time.  Maybe to do lists aren't so bad after all.

1 comment:

Lydia Stewart said...

Way to keep life in perspective! You're to-do-list sounds just like mine. I need to remember it's fleeting/evolving. Thanks for the reminder. :)