Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life is a Bench

Emotions wash over me like waves. Sadness. Mourning. Joy. Love. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting just to tread water... I get caught up in the singularity of an event or a feeling and I forget to open my eyes and look at the beautiful gifts I have been given. I've been struggling lately... feeling alone and misunderstood. But these simple images I captured at the park last week reminded me to step back and look at my life as a whole story and to cherish the individual moments, but not to dwell in them. Each moment, each experience is simply a part of my story.

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Anonymous said...

you are unbelieveably good and super-humanly strong. i am proud of you. what a gift you give to your babies when you are able to cherish them during your most difficult times. you are such a great mom!