Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Having a child... well, more specifically having a girl, has brought gravity to my experiences. Through her innocence, I am learning my own worth. When I look into her eyes and my spirit recognizes hers, I know that I could never harm her or abandon her. I could never damage her or break her heart. When I look into her eyes, I see my noblest calling, my purpose in life. I pray that I will never fail her, so that when gravity one day settles on her, she will have peace and untarnished joy.


Sandy said...

That is very beautiful Amanda! You area an AMAZING Mother!! You have such precious precious children.

Debbie said...

beautiful! being a mother is an overwhelming and absolutely amazing responsibility!

Dawn, said...

I remember vividly one day looking into Savannah's eyes and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was a daughter of God. So odd the weight of the reality at that moment. I have been raised my whole life hearing that I was a daughter of God... believing it. But I think it took that brief glimpse at my daughter for me to KNOW it... me and her... two daughters... together... we are so powerful and blessed!