Friday, February 26, 2010

Sexy Beast

This car is a sexy beast. I don't own one, but there is one that lives somewhere near us and every time I see it, I want to jump out of my car and throw my body on it. Sean has obviously worn off on me because I never dreamed I would find a chunk of metal so attractive.
As I sat at the intersection this morning, drooling over this silver fox, I suddenly wondered what my car said about me.... mama... eco friendly foxy lady... dangerous, daring diva. Hmmm... unfortunately, I think my car screams car pool line and carseats. Oh well :/


Kim Mayfield said...

My son is also in love with that car.
Hhe about gives himself whiplash every time we pass one on the road. We saw one in a parking lot the other day and he had to go touch it. Thankfully he didn't set off an alarm! I must say, though, it's an awesome looking car, and I can't blame you one little bit!

Beth said...

LOL! I wondered the same thing about myself when driving my MDX... I even matched Addie's carseat to my leather... but still, its a mom car. Oh well.

Vanessa said...

Now I want to know what my car says about me. EIther one really. Turbo Beetle???? Mercedes SUV??? What do you think they say?!? :)
~Victoria Bruce

Cari said...

There is no hope for me and my minivan. Soccer mom through and through. Do I get any cool points for it being red?