Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

So I finally got up the courage to watch My Sister's Keeper. After seeing the first preview for the movie, I knew it was a must see. The scientific possibilities that it explored were absolutely amazing, but I knew it would be a 2 hour sob fest, so I kept putting it off. My movie addiction, however, got the better of me, and I caved to the curiosity.
Yes. The movie was as amazing as I wanted it to be. The potential to create a human life capable of donating stem cells to a sibling is enthralling, and the actors were PHENOMENAL. As a mother, I have been Cameron Diaz sitting on the beach trying desperately to soak in every moment of bliss with my babies. I have loved fiercely and cried in desperation. As a caretaker for someone with cancer, I have been an advocate and rode the 'we're never giving up' train. I have looked into that yellow, puffy cancer face and my soul has screamed out in fear. I have wiped faces, held hands, and said goodbye too soon. This movie was so real to me. It brought back so many vivid memories, and in a way it helped me heal. It helped me realize I am not alone in my experiences or in my memories.
So, grab a box of tissues & a gallon of ice cream, and rent My Sister's Keeper. Here's a link: http://www.mysisterskeepermovie.com/#home


Candace said...

This has been on my Netflix cue for months now! I actually read the book, and of course, cried until I couldn't cry any longer. I do hear that the endings are different though....can't wait to see it!

Prayers for your continual healing as well.

C said...

Oh man. I might have to do it! I remember seeing a preview and thinking, oh gosh, I'll never make it through that movie... but, maybe I'll just have to.

Becki said...

I did love this movie too. I didn't have a box of tissue though so I had to use my sleeve. It really makes you think.